Finally, a Way to Run High-Level Practices During COVID-19
(While Your Competition Fumbles Around Confused by Restrictions)
JUST LAUNCHED – How to 'Immunize' Your Team Against COVID-19 Restrictions During Practice
So You Can Still Win Championships... Even With Only 10 Players on the Ice!
Dear Coach:

As you well know, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in a lot of our development plans...

Many coaches in today's game are already working in difficult situations. COVID restrictions add another dimension to the practice planning. It has become even more challenging to create the development and tempo our teams need.

Some places are seeing severe limits to the number of people allowed on the ice... we're talking as few as 10 players on the ice at a time.

Other places are less strict on numbers, but are super vigilant with on-ice social distancing.
Many teams haven't been able to get on the ice in over 6 months. This is a huge problem because we know that physical conditioning begins to deteriorate within a week. 

Not to mention skills!

Without ice time your players' skills get rusty. Their hands turn to stone, and their stride gets sloppy. They don't see the ice as well, and their decision-making gets slower. 

And the longer a player has been off, the longer it takes to shake of the rust and get back into game shape. 

Does that mean your chances at a championship are gone?


In fact, I see this as an incredible opportunity. 
An actual depiction of 95% of hockey players' stone hands coming out of COVID lockdown. 
While everyone one else is fumbling around confused, practicing awkwardly, trying to figure out what they're doing with all these new guidelines and restrictions... This is an opportunity for you to come in and steal the lead right out from under them.

YES.... You can be a regional champion coach, even with COVID-19 restrictions...

You just have to make the right adjustments!
How to Bring Your Team to the Top of the League During a Pandemic
As coaches, we worry about what to teach next, and how we're going to do it in the most effective way possible. 

We shoulder the responsibility of the development of 15 young players every season. It's our job to make sure they get the instruction and direction they need... and if they don't, we have failed them as a coach.

A lot rides on whether or not we do our jobs well––not just in terms of wins and losses, but in the overall development of these youngsters!

It's hard enough to develop players the right way, even under ideal circumstances. Doing it with small numbers, in a socially distanced setting makes it even more challenging!

We all know the impact a good coach can make on a team. Professional sports are riddled with stories of teams that haven't won a championship in 10, 20, or 30 years, until a good coach comes along and propels the team to heights, and sure enough... they start winning championships again. 

The performance of a team is directly related to the coaching.

That's why we see that same pattern over and over again. Give a good coach enough time with a program, and he or she will have the team playing better hockey, and winning more championships before too long. 

Over enough time, good coaching wins out.

Every time.

Even during a pandemic.

during a pandemic!
COVID COACHING - 101 Hockey Drills to Gain an Edge
During COVID-19 Restrictions
My new drill book, COVID Coaching, springboards your team to the top of the league and negates all the coaching problems COVID creates. 

While all the other teams are relearning how to run a basic practice, your team is going strong as if COVID never happened. Your foot never even came off the pedal!

This book contains 101 drills specifically designed with the most common COVID-19 restrictions in mind.

Your players will love doing these drills because they will feel themselves still getting better, and having a ton of fun in the process. This will be a key to future success for your team.
You see, good coaching means your players trust you enough to do what you say. When your players BELIEVE in you as a coach they will DO whatever you ask them to do!

And it all starts with well-designed practices. 

The more they DO what you ask, the more SUCCESS they will have, and the more willing they'll be to keep following you as you quickly lead them up to new levels of excellence!
My new eBook contains 101 battle-tested COVID-19 drills that you can use immediately in your coaching!
- Just $19.99
How to 3X or 4X Your On-Ice Productivity...
Even with COVID-19 Restrictions
I've been doing this for a long time. Over my life time in the hockey world, I have found that good coaches build practices that are 3 or 4 times as effective as their less-productive competitors.

This means that in a typical week, a good coach, using the right drills and training methods, will get the equivalent of 10 hours development in 3 hours of ice time. Think about what it would mean if you could 3X, or 4X your productivity, week after week, over the course of a season.

Here's the thing though... There is nothing "typical" about this upcoming season!

Think about what this  means if you could keep this up while all the other teams in your league are fumbling around, trying to figure out what to do with on-ice limitations and social distancing!

You could easliy have up to 10 times the advantage of the other coaches in your league. 

As you know, I coach a bunch of my own kids' teams, and we usually win multiple tournament and league championships each year.

And as I saw these COVID restrictions coming down the pike, I began to put together drills, strategies, and development techniques that would make the most sense to keep development going strong for my own teams to stay on top. 
The teams I work with have been winning championships every year. Here are a few recent ones. COVID restrictions present a unique opportunity to gain an even bigger advantage over the teams you're coaching against... if you do it right!
I've been using these same drills and techniques in past weeks with my own "COVID practices" and we're having tremendous development.

Here is a quick rundown of what you'll find in this COVID drill book:
I recently asked the 16,998 coaches on my mailing list what restrictions they are facing in their local arenas. I wanted to get a handle on what we're dealing with. 

My results showed that there are generally 3 categories of COVID restrictions most of our coaches are experiencing:

ON-ICE NUMBERS RESTRICTIONS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING – Many rinks have put limits on the number of people permitted on the ice at once. Some are restricting to as few as 10 people on the ice at once... including coaches!

NO NUMBERS RESTRICTIONS, BUT SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS – Some rinks aren't limiting on-ice participants, but they are requiring on-ice social distancing. This means small area games and battle drills are out. 

NO RESTRICTIONS – Believe it or not... some places aren't requiring any restrictions. If that's you, AWESOME! It'll be business as usual for you. Although you'll still want to check out this innovative new drill package!

So... with these 3 possible scenarios, we are going to shift our focus away from the current trend of small area games and battle drills, and we're going to take this unique opportunity to focus on detail work and flow. This may not feel optimal compared to what you have been doing...

But if you do it right, this is going to lead to some beautiful hockey! (think Soviet Union circa 1972)
The Soviet game in the early 70's was all about speed, flow, and precision. It was unlike anything the world had seen. The drills in this collection will have your team moving the puck like the Soviets in no time!
Here's what you're getting:
  • SMALL GROUP DRILLS WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING: Drills designed for small groups and small spaces. These drills allow players to focus on individual skills and details of the game that sometimes are overlooked in a typical team practice.

    The drills in this section will make your players more precise and skilled in tight spaces, increase hand-eye coordination in games, and improve things like knocking pucks out of the air, playing the puck with their feet, and shooting quickly from unconventional body positioning.
  • FULL TEAM DRILLS WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING: Drills that use the full team, but that are spread out and utilize the full ice and maintain social distancing. You'll see lots of flow drills in this section.

    Flow drills are an old gem that have been largely overlooked in recent years... in favor of small area games and tight space drills. The reality is flow drills promote full-ice speed, support, and beautiful passing.
  • GOALIE DRILLS FOR SMALL GROUPS WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING: Drills that can be used to work the goalies when dealing with extreme number restrictions. These drills will let you keep the goalies improving, while the players develop their offensive skills in close. Your goalies AND players will love this section!
Russian Stickhandling Progression
I picked this one up on a trip to Moscow when I was a presenter at a coaching clinic for the Russian Federation.

I loved the progression and have been using it to develop silky smooth hands with the teams I work with here in North America. 

Russian Stickhandling Progression: An awesome stickhandling progression that keeps players socially distant while developing smooth hands.

2-Man Chip, Flip, & Rip: A unique drill that covers hand-eye skills that are usually overlooked in full-team settings.

2-Man Chip, Flip, & Rip
A great drill for working on details with limited numbers.

This drill will have your players picking passes out of the air and firing saucer passes like the pros. 

You don't get many chances to work on drills like this in a full-team setting. If you're forced into small groups, these types of drills will help you make the most of it!
3-Man Puck Touch & Shot
More small-group detail work to improve passing accuracy.

This drill incorporates quick passes using the forehand and backhand. Then finishes with a shot from the point.

3-Man Puck Touch & Shot: A small-group drill to build quick-touch passing accuracy and shooting

Second Shot Drill: Full ice flow drill that will promote speed, beautiful passing, and snipes.

Second Shot Drill
Full-ice flow drill for teams that can practice together, but with social distancing... Meaning no 1v1 or battle drills. 

You'll develop beautiful puck movement and skating with this style of drill. 
Stick Lift Detail & Deflection
Small-group detail drill that develops skating agility puck control, shooting, and tips. 

Creative setup with the extra net and stick!

Stick Lift Detail & Deflection: Take advantage of your small group time with this awesome detail drill.

Attack Triangle Stickhandling: A simple drill to give players the opportunity to stickhandle in various patterns.

Attack Triangle Stickhandling
This is a wicked stickhandling drill using the "Attack Triangle" training aid, or a similar equivalent.

It can be done in small or large groups, while maintaining social distancing. 
Spice 3 Touch-Pass & Shot
Full-ice, full-speed touch pass drill. Develops speed, agility, and the ability to give and receive touch passes in motion. 

Spice 3 Touch-Pass & Shot: A great drill that works on speed and agility, while making touch passes in motion.  

3-Man Passing Detail: A great drill to iron out the details on various passing situations.

3-Man Passing Detail
Awesome drill to work on different passing and receiving situations. 

Do this drill in a small group setting, or spread out with a full team. I've included multiple options for a variety of skill situations. 
Check Out what These Coaches are Saying
Thunder Bay Queens - Midget A U16
"I have been using your material for at least 5 years. Your drills and systems help our coaching staff with progressions and efficiencies throughout the year. This year our Midget A Queens (U16) have achieved some of their goals winning two Championships, U19 in Chicago and U16 in Madison. They have come a long way and competed against the U19 for the better part of the year."

–Rainer Prager, Thunder Bay, ON
U19 Chicago Cup Champs 2019
U16 Madison Cup Champs 2019
Etobicoke Dolphins
"I've used your material since 2012 coaching my two daughters. Here are the results:

2012-2013 - Midget Champions (older daughter)
2013-2014 - Bantam Champions (younger daughter)
2014-2015 - Bantam Champions (younger daughter)
2016-2017 - Midget Champions (younger daughter)
2017-2018 - Midget Championship Finalists (younger daughter)"

–Barry Linetsky, Etobicoke, ON
League Champs 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013
Cumberland Jr. Grads - Minor Bantam 'A'
"I wanted to thank you for all of your help over the years. Your drills are easy to understand and they always have good progressions to other drills. I have been using them for the past 5 years and I have seen great improvements in their individual skills and team play."

–Tony Rino, Cumberland, ON
Oshawa Cup Champs 2019
Woolwich Wildcats Atom

"This past weekend we ended up winning our early bird tourney going undefeated and beating 4 teams (including in the semis and finals) that were in top 6 in OMHA play downs last year so it was very good competition which is all you want."

–Daniel Weir, St. Jacobs, ON
Garden City Early Bird Champs 2018

Thunder Bay McDonald's Midget Bears
"Your material is really amazing. It has completely changed the way I coach. We have close to twice the points as the second place team in our midget girls league. We've won the biggest major tourney in the area and we're heading to Brantford for the Walter Gretzky tourney this weekend (they swept it). Your info has been my secret weapon quite honestly. The league directors and many of the coaches think I'm some kind of mastermind or that I must have played hockey at a very high level..."

- Frank Macchi
Walter Gretzky Girls Hockey Tournament Champs 2017
Sydney Steelers - Bantam 'A'

"Year 2 of using your material. We won our division this year after a slow start (0-11-2) but continued using your drills to improve skill. We ended up winning the Bantam 'A' Championships!

Not only that, but it was a "repeat" because we won the Peewee 'A' Championships last year.

So we're 2 for 2 in years of championships using your coaching material!"

–David Jamael, Sydney, NS
Cape Brenton Cup Champs 2019, 2018

101 COVID-Friendly Drills Bring New Life to Your Practices
Our new eBook contains 101 battle-tested COVID drills that you can use immediately in your coaching!
- Just $19.99
  • 43 Pages of Professional Diagrams and Explanations let you easily locate and understand the drills you are looking for.
  • Have Confidence in Your Development Plan so you never doubt whether you're making the most of your COVID-restricted practices.
  • Speed Up Skill Acquisition so you can progress to higher levels of tactics and strategies and compete against the top teams.
  • Improve Detail Work and dominate your competition when restrictions are lifted.
  • Attract the Top Players so that your program grows stronger and stronger each season. Success breeds success!
  • Win More Games as an unavoidable by-product of your phenomenal development.
  • Gain an Edge Over Your Competition so your players are ready and capable of adapting to anything another team can throw at them.
  • Have More Fun with a more structured development plan.
Increase Your Team's Rankings by Two Spots within 6 Months of Using this Material... Or Double Your Money Back. 
You're going to find this to be one of the most useful drill books you've ever seen. Especially with COVID restrictions. Our coaches are already winning championships with my other material.... LOTS OF CHAMPIONSHIPS. 
  • Put these drills to work for a solid 6 months...
  • Insist on your players working hard and executing the drills correctly...
  • If you don't bump up at least two spots in the rankings...
Just shoot me an email, and you'll get double your money back. No problem!
Join Over 17,000 Other Like-Minded Coaches Today...
Act fast. Your players will thank you. 
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Thank You.
It has been awesome talking hockey development with you. I hope everything goes well for you as you move forward with your team during these crazy times.

Any time something like this happens... certain teams, with the right coaching, come out miles ahead of their competition.

6 months from now, when things start to get back to normal... your team will either be miles ahead of 80% of the competition, or they'll be left out in the cold by the teams who figured out how to stay effective and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Will you be one of them?


Jeremy Weiss
Check Out what These Coaches are Saying
Gary Crandall
"This team never even made playoff last year, so all-in-all a good season to have tied for top place in regular season play, won the Silver Stick Regional Tournament and made it to the finals of our league.

I have learned a lot thanks to your programs. I appreciate everything you have have done for me and your excellent programs. I can't wait to really take full advantage of your programs next year."
Fred Wiebe

"Weiss Tech Hockey has helped me grow as a coach over the past few years. Last season we won every game at the provincial tournament and it wasn't even close. Scores were 10-4, 8-1, 23-0 in the round robin. Then we beat Strathcona in the semi-finals 12-3 and Edson in the finals 9-2 to win the championship!! 

We won all 3 possible banners; first ever Atom zone 1 'A' championship, first ever Atom Provincial Champions banner, and first ever 'A' level provincial banner in our organization of any level!!

Bryan LaManna
"Your material and information is a huge part of this success. I’ve been using this since you started it and truly believe in what I use. I tweaked it for what I need but the foundation is all there. I advise any coach to look at what Weiss Tech Hockey has to offer."
Dmitry Afanasjev
"Thank you very much for the materials that you send. There are so many interesting points for learning and improving the development of the player and the team.

I am sending you a photo of our team Sveton, who plays in the amateur League in the Master group, here players are playing who do not have an existing contract MHL, VHL, KHL. This year we took 2nd place."
Shawn O’Leary

"Hi Jeremy, would like to thank you, for my first year of coaching your drills made planning practices easy to understand. Our year was very successful, playing in 3 tournaments and medaled in all 3 and we are the Bantam Tc Wallaceburg Lakers champions!"

Blair Whitford
"Continue the great work! I've been head coach for 3 years and with your great tools and guidance (couldn't have done it without your work), here's our track record:

Year 1 -
Won Season Championship, Lost in Finals of Playoffs 
Year 2 - Lost in Semi-Finals to a very Dominant Team who only lost 1 game (us)
Year 3 - Won Playoff Championship"
Cory Sul
"Thanks Jeremy! Big fan of your stuff. I use a lot of it as a basis for the things i do. Last year the kids went from 10 place at Christmas to winning the championship at the end of the year.    In the final we played the the other team from our area that had went undefeated all year and beat them 3 games to 1.  They didn’t know what hit them!"
Kevin Martens
"I just wanted to send a quick email to say a big "THANK YOU". I took your training course online and purchased the Manuals prior to the season. We implemented the systems and practice plans and our team had great success this year. Our club team won the Saskatoon City League Championship and our Provincial Team won the Peewee A Championship for Saskatchewan. Again, thank you for all of your support online and the fantastic resources. I wish you a terrific summer."
Jamie Fuller
"We were a bantam house team and decided as an organization too move to single A travel hockey this year. As a coach I was looking to step up a notch and found your systems most appealing. I purchased your drill and play book, completed your coaches training online module and watched about every video you have on Youtube. I am proud to tell you we finished 13-6-1 for the season and 3rd overall. Not too bad for our first year in travel hockey. 

I was amazed at how fast the kids picked up the play book and how eager they were to learn systems play. Even our parents asked how we got so good!
Brad Miklosovic
"I have been using your drills, concepts and systems for the past 5 years coaching youth hockey. Using your drills and systems I have seen tremendous skill progression and hockey IQ in my players. Thank you for your passion and commitment to amateur hockey."
Ken Dicks

Grand Falls-Windsor Bantam (B) Cataracts - Newfoundland
Provincial Champions - 2018

Wayne Mahaffy
"Your material and information is a huge part of this success. I’ve been using this since you started it and truly believe in what I use. I tweaked it for what I need but the foundation is all there. I advise any coach to look at what Weiss Tech Hockey has to offer."
Jeremy Weiss (with his translator) presenting at a hockey coaching symposium for the Russian Federation in Moscow—2018.
Who is Jeremy Weiss?

Hockey coach and international consultant, Jeremy Weiss, has worked with thousands of coaches worldwide since 2008 to help produce championship teams at every age and skill level.

He is known internationally through the work he has done online. In 2008 he invented "digital chalktalks" which combined screen sharing with drill diagramming software, to produce a training experience nobody had ever seen before. His YouTube following quickly grew to over 19,000 subscribers, and he has produced over 130 training videos.

Jeremy runs a development blog for coaches, which has over 280 posts. He is the author of 10 hockey books for coaches, and is the editor of Hockey Development Magazine.

He was trained in the Eastern European style as a pre-teen, by his Czechoslovakian skills coach, and competed internationally as a "Wexford Raider" among the top youth hockey programs in the world including Russia, Czechoslovakia, Finland, and top teams in his home province Ontario, Canada.

He majored in Exercise Sciences at Brigham Young University, and subsequently worked as a Personal Trainer, where he continued to study and develop ideal training methods for hockey.

He has incorporated the very best pieces from the various training styles he has been involved in, and has built a world-class off-ice strength and conditioning program that fits the specific needs of hockey players.

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