Welcome to our Summer Tune-Up workshop. We're working out, having fun, and getting better for the fall. Designed for all ages. Initial groups start as early as May 13, 2019.  Registrations will remain open all summer, just jump in and start at week 1.
Day 1: Why Off-Ice Training?
Day 2: How to Get Fast & Shifty
Day 3: Live Webinar 
Day 4: Explosiveness Off the Ice
Day 5: Q&A & Getting Started
First Group Starts May 13, 2019 but registrations will remain open during the summer. 
Start at week 1 at any time.
New 12-Week Summer Tune-Up Includes...
  • Strength & Conditioning Program for Hockey Players
  • Simple to Follow, yet EFFECTIVE
  • Program Variations for U11, 12-13, and 14+
  • Tracking Worksheets for Individuals
  • Testing Worksheets for Teams
  • Fun "Daily Challenges" Combine Conditioning & Skill Work
  • Basic Gym Membership & Some Off-Ice Training Aids (no gym needed for U11's)
  • Member Portal Includes Video Demos of the Movements
  • Report Results and Interact with Other Athletes
  • Improve Speed, Strength, Size, Explosiveness, Agility, Flexibility, and Recovery Time!
  • 12 Weeks for just $57
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