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Coaches Training Course
  • This course is designed to help coaches teach the positional game to their players at any age group, winning more championships, without ever sacrificing skill development.
  • Videos included for each lesson
  • Topics covered:
  • Philosophy
  • Defensive Zone Positioning
  • Offensive Attack & Forecheck
  • Regroups & Neutral Zone Play
  • Power Play, Penalty Kill, Faceoffs
Hockey Development Vault
  • Full Access to Hockey Development 
    (over 70 magazine issues)
    ($24 Monthly Value)
  • Private Chat - VIP 1 on 1 Access
    ($150 Hourly Value - INCLUDED WITH MEMBERSHIP)
  • Hockey Development Private Forum
    ($600 Yearly Value - INCLUDED WITH MEMBERSHIP)
  • The Secret Weapon of Hockey Development Course
    ($47 Value - BONUS GIFT)
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$24 per month
Ultimate Season Planning Course
  • Ultimate Season Planning Course – 10 lessons that show you exactly how to plan and pace your team's development for ultimate progress.
  • Course Manual – Includes slides for each lesson, which makes it so you can follow along with the video, take notes, and revisit any concepts you need to as the season progresses.
  • Over 2 Hours of Troubleshooting Videos – This is a series of live calls I did with our early adopters to answer specific questions as they implemented the program.
  • Exclusive CoachThem Software Package (Optional) – This program is an optional bonus that you can use if you want. But if you prefer pen and paper, the planning system still works the same.
  • Private Access to our Dropbox Drill Database for Members Only – This is a private drill library of over 5000 drills. And it's still growing!
  • EXTRA BONUS: Ultimate Season Planning Private Facebook Group – Discuss your season planning efforts with other members, share ideas and practice plans, and bounce strategies off other like-minded coaches who are taking their teams to new heights with this material.
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International Coaching Symposium
  • 19 Core Video Training Sessions teach new tactics and coaching methods.
  • Have Confidence in Your Development Plan so you never doubt whether you're working on the right things at the right time.
  • Speed Up Skill Acquisition so you can progress to higher levels of tactics and strategies and compete against the top teams
  • Improve Team Play and dominate your competition, even when they're "better" than you on paper
  • Attract the Top Players so that your program grows stronger and stronger each season. Success breeds success!($500+ Value - INCLUDED)
  • Win More Games as an unavoidable by-product of your phenomenal development.
  • Gain an Edge Over Your Competition so your players are ready and capable of adapting to anything another team can throw at them.
  • Have More Fun with a more structured development plan.
Yours Today for Just:
Secret Weapon of Hockey Development
  • Immediate Access to the Secret Weapon of Hockey Development
  • In-Depth Discussion on Why Progressions are so Important
  • How to Build Progressions into Your Practice plans
  • Actual Footage of Progressions in Action
Yours Today for Just:
30 Days to a Better Shot
  • Full Course with Video Demonstrations & Explanations
  • Periodized Schedule with Drill Sequences
  • Product Recommendations for Added Versatility
  • Development Strategy to Improve Your Shot
  • 30 Days to a Better Shot Manual
    (includes daily drills and worksheets)
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Championship Hockey Conditioning
  • Championship Hockey Conditioning – A full program focusing on primary muscle groups & energy systems that improve speed, strength, size, agility, explosiveness, and recovery time; allowing you and your team's players to become physically dominant on the ice.
  • Over 105 of simple to follow, yet EFFECTIVE online instructional videos ensure your team gets the proper form for all exercise movements.
  • Program Variations for U11, 12-13, and 14+ – You get THREE program variations to accommodate all age ranges.
  • Tracking Worksheets for Individuals so that everyone's workouts organized and track your team's improvement printable worksheets.
  • Testing Worksheets for Teams – super useful for coaches who are looking to use this program for their whole team.
  • Fun "Daily Challenges" Combine Conditioning & Skill Work – Can you snipe 5 top rights in a row? Can you do it while you're already gassed from doing burpees?
  • A U11 Program that Doesn't Require a Gym – (the 12-13 and 14+ programs require some off-ice training aids and some basic equipment)
  • Member Portal Where Your Team Can Login to See Video Demos of All the Movements – Simply follow the directives in the video demonstrations for each movement to ensure safe and effective technique.
  • Permanent Lifetime Access to the Whole 12-Week Program for just $57 – Each registration fee includes 15 slots, so you can invite your whole team to participate together and keep dominating season after season, year after year!
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Championship Training Camps
  • Complete Training Camp... Pre Built!
  • 12 On-Ice Sessions to Develop Skills and Positioning Play for the Season
  • 12 Dryland Sessions for Conditioning
  • 12 Chalk Talk Sessions to Get the Team on the Same Page with Systems and Tactics
  • BONUS: Team Building Package Includes 17 Team Building Activities and 99 "Roll Call" Questions to Integrate New Players Fast!
  • Get a Faster Start this Season
  • Win More Games and Finish Strong
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Advanced Drill eBooks
Championship Practice Plans
COVID Coaching eBook
  • 43 Pages of Professional Diagrams and Explanations
  • Have Confidence in Your Development Plan
  • Speed Up Skill Acquisition
  • Improve Detail Work
  • Attract the Top Players
  • Win More Games
  • Gain an Edge Over Your Competition
  • Have More Fun
  • 101 COVID-friendly hockey drills to gain an edge during COVID restrictions
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